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Your Spiritual Codes & Ethics

Focusing on Your Spiritual Codes & Ethics to more accurately perceive and align with what is pro-life.

ETHICS: The study of standards of conduct and moral judgement; Formal or professional rules of right and wrong; The discipline of dealing with what is good and bad of moral duty and obligation; A principle of right or good behavior; A system of accepted beliefs that control behaviour.

Ethics defines the best option as the one which best achieves what is good, right and consistent with the nature of the things in question.

Values tell us what’s good – they’re the things we strive for, desire and seek to protect.

Principles tell us what’s right – outlining how we may or may not achieve our values.

Purpose is your reason for being – it gives life to your values and principles.

Ethics is the process of questioning, discovering and defending our values, principles and purpose. It’s about finding out who we are as Sovereign Spirits and staying true to that in the face of temptations, challenges and uncertainty.

It’s not always fun and it’s hardly ever easy, but if we commit to it, we set ourselves up to make decisions we can stand by, building a life that’s truly our own and a future we want to be a part of.

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