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The vast enormity of the space you have occupied as a Spiritual Being is challenging to grasp. You have existed for a very long time, spanning the duration of many universes and even more lifetimes.

You have had many encounters with events so terrible that they were difficult for you to fully experience at that time. These highly charged moments cause reactions of shock and incomprehensibility, they are catastrophic and devastating and contain extreme intensities of pain.

As areas that you are unable to permeate and fully experience, they tend to persist. This is the origin of contemporary observations such as "what you resist persists" and "repeating patterns, events, situations, cycles or types of people that are unwanted and painful", "same identity, different person".

These experiences are so terrible, shocking and painful that we are overwhelmed and unable to process what is happening. We spontaneously Spiritually dissociate from them and they become buried within our Presence and denied existence. If they exist, they would be experienced and there is too much shock, overwhelm and pain to allow that to happen.

These highly charged and volatile deeply buried experiences within our Spiritual Self do not dissipate with time. They manifest down through our existence and lifetimes as "Involuntary Replications" of the original experience.

These involuntary replications are what most people in their current lifetime believe is life and living. They will carry on with their daily concerns, persisting through their "life" oblivious to the fact they are actually experiencing a full three dimensional holographic replication of a painful time. It is seamlessly integrated into their "reality" and they experience it AS their actual reality. Because it is not recognized for what it is and handled, healed and integrated appropriately, it persists.

Involuntarily replicated "pasts" will replicate indefinitely, over vast spans of time and many, many lifetimes. They are the same painful moments that we were unable to process at the time of their original happening, repeating over and over and over. They replace actual life and living in present time with a repeating painful copy. You are oblivious to your entire life or areas of your life being copies of "pasts", enlivened in your present and lived as a replacement to your present.

As you increase your Spiritual Literacy and become more able to identify and handle your involuntary replications, you can finally begin to experience your present as you choose to create it in real time. This positively sets you up for much more enjoyable and fun futures.

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