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That significant problems exist is self evident, and everyone is on a desperate search for solutions. The dilemma is that there are not many actual solutions currently known or recognized. And there is confusion between knowledge and literacy.

There is an overwhelming bombardment of knowledge, opinions, beliefs and precepts all focusing on the nature of the content of the problem. Social media is overflowing with infinite variations of perceptions of the content of the problem.

There is an extreme obsession with endlessly energizing the content of the problem, and that is a problem. People are flowing all their energy to the wrong areas. The focus is completely negatively imbalanced and the outcomes are self evident - little or no improvement.

There are the completely incorrect solutions associated with "positive thinking" and all its tributaries. This acts as an overlay onto that which needs to be the real focus, taking it further out of view. Hence, the actual target that would bring about improvement is never perceived or handled.

This is why the problem only gets worse. Without correct context and correct application, along with correct handling of all the suppressed and denied 'targets', the wrong solution of "positive thinking" only serves to unknowingly energize the negative and cause it to persist and worsen.

Then there are the endless repeated discourses and cyclical rhetoric explaining how bad things are and what a terrible state you are in, but none of these offer any steps, actions or processes to knowingly create tangible improvement. There are only ideas, intentions or promises of improvement but no actual significant sustained improvement. This is self evident within and without.

Constantly outlining severe traumatic states and conditions without providing detailed actions, steps or processes to create tangible improvement, is in itself traumatic, and further energizes the bad conditions of the individual and society.

Being content literate but SOLUTION ILLITERATE is overwhelmingly frustrating. It generates intense feelings of disempowerment, hopelessness and helplessness in an already traumatic condition. So what do people do, in their desperation they go back to their wrong solutions, but this time they energize them even more...and the cyclical trap persists.

Persisting bad states and conditions are a direct result of Spiritual Illiteracy. Being filled with knowledge (especially distorted or incorrect knowledge) is not literacy.

True Spiritual Literacy is APPLIED knowledge. Correctly apply the correct knowledge: 'Spiritual Technology', and you create and experience significant and sustained improvement of bad or unwanted conditions.

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