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The Veil Upon Your Perceptions

You as a Spiritual Being, experiencing via an avatar/physical body, are not located in space and time where you believe yourself to be. You are unknowingly perceiving & experiencing as your reality, a replicated false matrix-realm, a crude facsimile of an organic original.

The strategies, techniques and processes organic to the original, do not apply here, hence the ongoing banging head against wall syndrome lifetime after lifetime. Different rules here, imprinted into the fabric of its existence that do not allow for the familiar outcomes of organic originals.

Thinking, being, speaking or intending positives are inapplicable here for their currently intended use of improvement of condition and escape. Blindly repeating the same nullified processes and constantly intensifying the energy of them each time it does not work, has not, does not and will not manifest improvement nor your escape.

Clinging to the illusory hope that if you keep doing the same thing, roping in more and more people who enable these defunct positive processes, it will eventually manifest, is insanity. This serves nothing but to create massive volumes of energies to be fed upon by those laughing at your futile actions. It is a painful truth.

Relentlessly avoiding and ignoring 'what is', will maintain and further solidify your even more painful existence in this replicated realm for eternities. Facing up to your denials, confronting what you find there, processing and integrating it, is your exit door back to freedom and tangibly experienced organic Spiritual Sovereignty.

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