• Life-Force Retrieval

The Strength of Your Spiritual Powers

Your Spiritual Presence, YOU, is made up of billions of Life-Force particles. Your adventures and subsequent turmoils throughout your existence have trapped many of your Life-Force particles. They are trapped, lost or locked up in traumas, abuses and all the things you have been unwilling to confront throughout the ages. As a result of your diminishing Life-Force, there is a corresponding lessening of your Spiritual Presence, Abilities and Powers.

You have also forgotten who you are and who your teammates are.

Now you are now stuck here playing insignificant games, in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong connections, at effect of the unpleasantness of your environment. Your available Life-Force Particles are minimal and most likely further diminishing the longer you remain trapped in this condition.

The good news is you can take action to retrieve your Life-Force and recover your Spiritual Powers and Abilities. As you do this, you are creating opportunities for yourself and others to play better games where everyone wins. Consistent improvement of your condition can rapidly shift things in your favour and cause you to start winning in life.

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Life-Force Retrieval

Recovery & Restoration of Your


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