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Your "Spiritual Fitness" is the most valuable asset you could ever invest in. Your level of Spiritual Fitness is directly indicated by your current state and condition. It is directly related to the quantity of your available Free Life-Force, which is made available by Life-Force Retrieval procedures.

Low level Spiritual Fitness shows up in life as: low mood levels, low energy levels, Spiritual illiteracy, inability to control energy flows, distorted communication, emotional charge, disconnection from Spiritual Powers and Abilities, ignorance of Self as Spiritual Presence, absence of compassion and empathy, applies wrong solutions to the incorrect problems, trapped in small games with other insignificant players.

High level Spiritual Fitness shows up in life as: sustained high moods, high energy, Spiritual literacy, knowingly controlling your energies, clean, clear communication, willingness to experience others big Spiritual Presence and have them experience your big Spiritual Presence, you know YOU as Spiritual Presence, high levels of compassion, identifies correct problems and applies correct solutions, plays big games and wins, inspires others to also play big and win by doing what you did.

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