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Spiritual Beings Are Basically Good & Honest

"One of the largest problems all spiritual beings have is their basic goodness and honesty.

All spiritual beings are basically good and basically honest. When a spiritual being violates its basic goodness or honesty, the being experiences going against itself. For that matter, any violation of virtues or principles will cause the spiritual being to experience negativity toward itself.

It is the GOODNESS and HONESTY that an evil-beingness targets. If the evil-beingness can get you to go against your own goodness and honesty, the evil-beingness knows that you will be so devastated that you violated your basic goodness and honesty that you will subdue yourself.

When you violate your goodness and honesty, you also violate many other virtues and principles. This causes you to instantaneously go against yourself, your dreams, your visions, and your creations. This spontaneously occurs outside conscious awareness.

Most importantly to know from the perspective of addressing it for integration and recovery, it is that at its core, it is a mutual incident of the infinite Beings in union with each other at that time, involuntarily replicated in present time." Alan C. Walter

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