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Correct solutions to problems involve identifying the correct problem. This may sound strange until you begin to permeate more of YOU as a Spiritual Presence and experience the 'bigness' of who and what you truly are.

As you knowingly direct your attention and actions to retrieving your Life-Force, your perceptions expand into the parts of your Self that you have not had access to for a very long time. Ideas that you previously labelled fanciful nonsense rapidly evolve into knowingness and comprehension with certainty, as the truth of YOU returns to your conscious awareness.

Now you have the ability to perceive and know a much larger sphere of your Presence than the extremely limited perception of a physical body in a physical universe.

Repeatedly attempting to force wrong solutions on the wrong problems due to currently incomprehensible limited perceptions and awareness, is quite insane. It is the current state of things for most Spiritual Beings here.

Spiritual Amnesia and Spiritual illiteracy devolve a Spiritual Being into a powerless, insignificant DOT. Their inherent Spiritual Powers and Abilities, even their awareness of who they really are Spiritual Beings, all long forgotten.

So unknowingly emotionally charged are these subjects that these deteriorated Spiritual Presence now violently deny, refuse, suppress, invalidate, make wrong and make nothing of any actual truths regarding their organic Sovereign Spirit Identity.

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Life-Force Retrieval

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