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Involuntary Replications are powered by the original traumatic incidents and experiences that caused the Spiritual Being great pain. So overwhelmed by the intensity and magnitude of terrible feelings, shock and incomprehensibility of the experience, the Spiritual Being, at that time, is unable to process and integrate the experience.

The mechanics of this phenomenon remain the same to the present day. It is understood that a painful and traumatic experience in infancy or childhood is almost guaranteed to cause problems later in life. What is lacking is the ability to process and integrate the painful elements of the trauma which is not available to an infant or child, or the parent. Each generation unknowingly programmes the next with less abilities, less awareness and less Spiritual Literacy. This is driven by the unconscious pain it must now avoid feeling at all costs.

Having involuntarily abandoned much of its Organic Essence in these traumas, the Spiritual Being unknowingly creates itself in Present Time with less and less of its Spiritual Presence as its existence proceeds. An increasing volume of its Life Force is and does become trapped in these experiences and remains there until handled. These are the parts of YOU, you have left behind.

Down through the ages, Spiritual Beings have created infinite variations of "importances" to capture their attention and keep it away from feeling the content of its traumas. It eventually loses so much of its own Life Force that it believes these distractions are the source of its problems and sets out in life to handle them, oblivious that they are merely filling their existence with things that keep them away from the true source of its problems which is now deeply buried and heavily denied.

These present time real life dramas and "content" are considered a normal part of life and living. They are filled with every conceivable importance. In context, at the time of experiencing "content" it is very important and does need to be addressed and handled to create improvement in life and movement toward the attainment of dreams and goals. But, all life "distractions" are secondary to the main problem of "Involuntary Replications".

The life content, dramas and false importances are a direct result of what is being avoided. If these things in life do not dissolve, cannot be solved, persist or repeat, that is an indication of the depth of volatility and emotional charge connected to what is being denied within oneself and long forgotten.

The persons (Spiritual Being) unwillingness to permeate the area of pain sets up its infinitely repeating Involuntarily Replications. They are full three dimensional holographic "past" realities that are unknowingly lived as the persons present life. Not until such a time they regain their Spiritually Literacy and sufficiently develop their abilities to handle their replications do they begin to experience actual Present Time reality.

At the core is the basic: YOU are source. You, as a Spiritual Being unknowingly attract or create every element of your experience. Due to the ever increasing volumes of emotionally charged areas of resistance and non-permeation that never actually get addressed and handled, all available powers and abilities are directed into efforts to avoid responsibility and accountability as a Causative Spiritual Being that you are.

From your current position and in the state you are in, comprehending these things can be challenging. Maintaining a state of deliberately induced Spiritual Dementia, most continue to do what they have always done and re-experience their own unknowingly created Involuntary Replications over and over, lifetime after lifetime.

Once a person intends to create their own way out of this mess, implements the correct Spiritual Technologies on the right gradient for them and has the right support and guidance, they are finally creating a self empowered position of regaining their Spiritual Powers and Abilities and be able to use them to attract and create what they actually really want and dream of.

From where you are now, the key is creating an increasing gradient of comprehension that leads you to the lost parts of your Self and facilitates the recovery of your Life-Force. This is the restoration of the true YOU, a Spiritual Presence.

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