• Life-Force Retrieval


This refers to a very high level Spiritual Ability. It is called "Spiritual Permeation". It is the ability to fully experience an area or subject without "flinching". The flinching is caused by the presence of emotional charge in the area which, upon approach or contact, is experienced as pain. When a Spiritual Being is confronted with an area that they are unable to permeate, it causes them extreme pain and they flinch, back off and move away from that area or subject.

Unfortunately, most of the beings here are in a very degraded condition. This equates to a significant or complete loss of their inherent Spiritual Powers and Abilities. Most beings here are in such bad shape they are unable to face up to the most meaningless of insignificances, let alone permeating infinity. Retrieving ones trapped, lost or stolen Life-Force is to recover ones Presence as a Spiritual Being, it is the recovery of YOU. As you retrieve your Life-Force and Presence, you also experience the recovery of your Spiritual Powers and Abilities. This occurs organically as you progress along your own unique gradient of recovery.

However, retrieval and recovery of ones Presence as a Spiritual Being, including Spiritual Powers and Abilities is not a passive endeavor. It takes absolute dedication to fully honoring the truth of who you really are as a Spiritual Being and active participation in the correct practices to get your SELF back.

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Life-Force Retrieval

Recovery & Restoration of Your


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