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An ASCENSION EXPERIENCE is a time that as a Spiritual Being, you occupy much more space than just your body and have an awareness of yourself encompassing that position of "bigness". Most of us, whether we are aware of it or not, have experienced this many, many times.

The ASCENSION EXPERIENCE is something that happens often, but confusion about what they are means they are not recognized, acknowledged or validated.

An ASCENSION EXPERIENCE is not to be confused with the popular idea of "ascending into higher dimensions". That premise hypothesizes the leaving of the physical body and arriving at a different location. It implies a better location than where the body is currently located and presumes the instantaneous absence of any negatives, darkness or unpleasantness in the new "higher" location.

An ASCENSION EXPERIENCE is a time that can last for moments, days or even become a permanent state of awareness. It varies depending upon your ability to recognize and validate it for what it is and also the nature of the experience itself. A person may have a huge ascension experience that holds the potential for life changing spiritual awareness, literacy and comprehension but if not recognized for what it is, the person would experience the associated sensations and feelings but mislabel it according to their current spiritually illiterate precepts and beliefs.

There is no leaving of the body with an ASCENSION EXPERIENCE. There is an ENCOMPASSING of the physical body from a much larger sphere of perspective. You may "energetically" or spiritually feel as big as the room, or the house or even the planet and be fully feeling all the sensations associated with your new awareness of your bigness in those moments but there is no leaving the body. Rather, there is an EXPANDED or EXPANDING, ENCOMPASSING of the entirety of the space that you are now filling with your Spiritual Presence.

The most important thing about having an ASCENSION EXPERIENCE is that you MUST STABILIZE IT as quickly as possible. These ascension experiences occur spontaneously and involuntarily, they are uncontrolled unknowns and the experiencer is completely illiterate regarding the experience.

What happens is that you spiritually expand into and encompass areas of your Spiritual Universe that you have not contacted for some time. You are not consciously aware of what is happening, where you are going or what you are triggering, activating or accessing from the last time you were encompassing your bigness as a Spiritual Presence like this. You will not only miss your significant wins, regained powers and abilities but you will unknowingly trigger a cascading crash which will send your physical life into turmoil.

The good news is you can regain your Spiritual Literacy, including comprehension and understanding of your ASCENSION EXPERIENCES, what they are, how to recognize them and most importantly, how to stabilize them and take full advantage of these opportunities to create massive upward shifts in your physical life and recovery of huge quantities of your Life-Force as a Spiritual Being.

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