Knowing who & what you truly are is a result of recovering your Spiritual Presence & Awareness.

And as recovery of your Spiritual Presence & Awareness increases,

So does your knowing control of you, your creations & your universes.

Your opportunity to recover your Spiritual Presence & Awareness is here & now.


Let's get started!

Knowingly Creating, Experiencing & Controlling
Your Dreams, Visions, Goals and Wants

You Achieve This by:

  • STUDYING - to become Spiritually Literate and to improve in that area.

  • TRAINING - to improve your ability to recover your Spiritual Presence and Awareness.

  • PROCESSING -  to unlock the trapped bits of YOU & rehabilitate your Spiritual Presence.

Using the correct Spiritual Technologies on the right gradient for you,

Incorporating appropriate study, training & processing and addressing areas of difficulty,

Retrieves your Life-Force & puts you back in knowing control.

Recovery of your Life-Force is the recovery of YOU as a Spiritual Presence.

The more of your Spiritual Self you recover and stabilize, the more you have access to:

  • Greater Awareness, Comprehension & Knowledge

  • Greater Willingness to Honor Your Own Presence & That of Others 

  • Greater Ability to Knowingly Control & Direct Your Flows of Energies

  • Greater Power to Knowingly Create and Experience Your Dreams and Goals

  • Reconnection to and Empowerment of Your Spiritual Teams and Teammates

  • Reconnection to and Empowerment of Your Spiritual Values & Principles 

  • Improved Ability to Knowingly Create, Play & Win Your Games in Life

  • The Ability to Inspire & Help Others to also Create, Play and Win Their Games



Lets Get Started!


Mike is trained in Holistic Psychology Technologies, Trauma Integration Techniques, Emotional Charge Processing, Problem Solving Strategies & Life Repair Systems.

He has over 25 years experience in Professional Spiritual Coaching,

Individualized Life-Force Retrieval Processing and Self Empowerment Mentoring.

Mike also facilitates seminars, workshops & training in Advanced Spiritual Technologies.














His mission is to inspire the restoration of highest spiritual truths,

to encourage co-existence & co-empowering harmony.

His vision encompasses you being more fully you, and be increasing knowing control of your spiritual powers, abilities and states, to be winning your games in life.


“The early last century saw the advent of psychoanalysis and the recognition of how unconscious patterns drive our lives, the mid-century tried to “cure” those unconscious drivers by medicating them, the sixties sought liberation through breaking away from the status quo, pop psychology and talk therapies.  Now at the crack of the new dawn, we have highly evolved practitioners with innate abilities to tune in, bring into awareness those unconscious patterns and process them in a revolutionary and radical way. Michael is one of those practitioners; he tunes in and provides effective processes to move people forward in their Journey. He is a true ambassador of change. I recommend Michael to all those who seek to expand and evolve this life time.” G. D - Australia


How to Book Sessions

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